Men: Your Way With the Razor

It is very well-known that there is a distinct difference between men and women. Consider the different clothing, different features, and often different interests as well. But it doesn’t stop there – a man’s skin is uniquely different from a woman’s. Everyday stresses have an effect on your individual skin care needs. Whether it be shaving, sports activities, or business travel there is one main concern we have for all men: facial hair and shaving.

It seems to be just another piece to the puzzle in the everyday routine for men. Remaining clean-cut and smooth seems to be the desired look above the scruffy, 5 o’clock shadow, but this may be doing more damage than you think. Why? The steps to prepare the skin for its next shave and the steps taken post-shave are crucial – and need to be done correctly.

Your Steps to the Perfect Shave:

  • Always wash your face first. With warm water, use Vitamin E Cleansing Gel or Azulene Cleanser with a washcloth to cleanse the skin. This aids in removing dead skin and loosening ingrown hairs. If you have sensitive skin, do not scrub vigorously.
  • After cleansing, heat your razor blade by running it under hot water.
  • Apply Oil Free Moisturizer lightly over the beard area to buffer the skin from the shaving cream. (If you use shaving cream directly over the area it may cause some irritation.)
  • It’s now time to shave. Make sure to use light pressure and shave in the opposite direction of growth – this allows for a closer shave. However, if you are prone to ingrown hairs then it may be more beneficial (and less painful in the long run) to shave with the direction of hair.
  • Once you have finished shaving, make sure to spray or splash with Lavender Hydrating Lotion (yes, we said lavender). Follow this by applying Oil Free Moisturizer or Sensitivity Protection Cream to soothe irritation, and reduce redness and blotchiness.
  • DO NOT use fragrance or after shave lotions on freshly shaved skin. Why? Fragrances contribute to redness and irritation, and the high alcohol content that is commonly found in after shave causes the skin to become dry and tight.
  • Most important? Make sure to change your blade every two shades.

So, men: skin care is for you too. Come in to any Elizabeth Grady location and book your appointment today!

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