Spring Forward With Your Face First

We have new make up coming out just in time to welcome Spring. The gorgeous weather is right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to prepare—a foundation, a concealer, and a crème for all of your needs. Finish it off with a brand new facial treatment and you have skin care treatment as beautiful as you.

It’s never too early to start caring for your skin. Our Anti-Aging Foundation makes it easy and fabulous! Suitable for all skin types, this Foundation works as a treatment and also supplies coverage as a foundation. Get the benefits of both in one simple application! Why is it so effective? The Anti-Aging Foundation accomplishes all you need to keep your skin as young and beautiful as you feel. The key ingredients combat wrinkles and help retain skin’s natural moisture level, moisturizes the skin while enhancing the skin’s barrier function, and promotes cell regeneration and circulation—keep it simple and use one product for all of these needs.

Sun damage is never fun. With the newest crème from Elizabeth Grady, our Mineral Complex Crème repairs the damage from the rays. Radiate your skin while improving the appearance of sun damage. This crème is elegant and weightless, and leaves your skin hydrated. Now you can revitalize your skin to bring out your natural beauty. This crème can be used nightly, over treatment products and during the day under sunscreen. Let your skin glow as bright as the sunshine!

Brighten your eyes! We now have a Duo Eye Concealer—you decide how to use it. This formula is for all skin types and includes two super duty flaw fixers in one convenient component. Counteract those imperfections in your own way! Either blend them together or layer for the perfect shade. Its key ingredients allow it to easily blend without causing dryness. As if this isn’t enough, this concealer can be used on more than just your eyes! Apply on any age spots or any spots you want to conceal. Two steps blended or built into one for a flawless finish.

Sinuses? NO MORE! Are you feeling stuffy and congested? Is your skin dry and flaky? Do you feel exhausted? Find relief in our NEW Sinus Relief Facial Treatment that combines the best of both worlds in Esthetics and Massage Therapy. Let hot stones melt away stress as aromatic oils and treatment products detoxify and comfort you.

Beauty as easy as 1-2-3. What’s even easier than using these new products? Booking an appointment at an Elizabeth Grady. Call today: 1-800-FACIALS or visit www.elizabethgrady.com to find a location near you.



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2 responses to “Spring Forward With Your Face First

  1. Dan

    Sounds like some great ideas for the upcoming warm sultry summer days!!!!!

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